Denise Burditus: A Tribute to the Las Vegas Shooting Victim


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Sunday’s massacre at a country music concert in Las Vegas has left 59 dead and more than 500 injured, making in the deadliest mass shooting in US history. Among the victims is Denise Burditus, who attended the concert with her husband of over 30 years.

Denise posted a photo to Twitter about a half hour before the shooting began on Sunday night. Sources and social media posts indicate she and her husband were very much looking forward to attending the music festival.

Read on to learn more about Denise Burditus and the legacy she leaves behind.

She Died in Her Husband’s Arms

Tony Burditus wrote on his Facebook that his wife passed away in his arms. “It saddens me to say that I lost my wife of 32 years… this evening in the Las Vegas shooting… Denise passed in my arms. I LOVE YOU BABE.”

Tony edited his Facebook profile picture on Monday afternoon to a snapshot of him and Denise kissing. Friends, loved ones, and strangers have commented on the photo. One user wrote, “My hear is broken for you. GOD Bless you and your family.”

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Another commented, “Seems like forever ago, but I will always remember the good times hanging out with you guys on Torii beach. Wonderful woman. God bless you and strength to you and your family. Always here for you brother.”

She Was a Mother of Two

According to her husband’s post, Denise was the mother of two children.

She Was Soon to Be a Grandmother of Five

Tony writes that Denise was a “soon to be grandmother of five.” On Facebook, Denise described herself as semi-retired.

She Was from West Virginia

Denise was originally from Hedgesville, West Virginia. She was living in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

She and Her Husband Were Reportedly High School Sweethearts

On August 3, Denise updated her Facebook photo to the above picture, captioned, “I love you a bunch. You will forever be my always.”

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According to WSAZ, one family member described Denise and Tony as high school sweethearts.