Crystal Harris, Hugh Hefner’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Hugh Hefner has died at the age of 91 years old. He leaves behind four children, his legendary Playboy empire and his wife Crystal Harris. While Hefner was often surrounded by women, he died married to just one. Get to know more about Harris in our 5 Fast Facts below.

1. Harris Is Hefner’s Third Wife

For Crystal Harris, this was her first marriage, but Hugh Hefner had already been married twice prior to meeting Harris. In addition, he has had a long list of girlfriends over the years.

2. She Struggles With Lyme Disease

In 2016, Harris revealed that she had been receiving treatments for Lyme Disease in addition to toxic mold.

3. Hefner and Harris Broke Up Five Days Before Their First Wedding

Hugh Hefner and Harris were engaged and broke up in 2011, with Harris calling off their relationship just five days before the wedding. They later reconciled and tied the knot on New Year’s Eve 2012, at the Playboy Mansion.

4. Harris Was a Playmate

Harris first met Hefner on Halloween in 2008 during a party at the Playboy mansion. She later went on to appear in the magazine.

5. She Previously Told Howard Stern She Wasn’t Attracted to Hefner

After Harris and Hefner broke up in 2011, Harris did an interview on the Howard Stern Show and said that Hefner lasted “about two seconds” in bed and that she wasn’t attracted to him. She later publicly apologized for her words.