‘Chicago PD’ Spoilers: Will Sophia Bush Ever Come Back?


Sophia Bush Chicago PD, Sophia Bush Chicago PD exit, Sophia Bush return to Chicago PDMatt Dinerstein/NBC

Sophia Bush played Erin Lindsay on Chicago PD.

At the end of the fourth season of Chicago PD, Sophia Bush’s Erin Lindsay took a job in New York, leaving her family at the Chicago Police Department’s Intelligence Unit behind. Her departure will weigh heavily on the remaining cast, but will she ever return? Showrunner Rick Eid has said it’s too early to tell.

“In the season 5 premiere, her not being there is something people notice and comment on. But when actors leave, you move forward and you dramatize what you have in front of you playing with the actors we have,” Eid, who was previously the showrunner on Law & Order: SVU, told Entertainment Weekly.

When asked if he knew if Bush would ever be back on the show, Eid replied, “It’s too early to tell. I’m not sure about that.”

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Eid gave the same answer. “It’s probably too early. There’s nothing specific on the table right now so I don’t really have a comment on that right now,” he said, adding that he didn’t have a say in the decision to write-off Bush’s character.

During the TV Critics Association summer press tour in August, producer Dick Wolf told the media that Bush “wanted to leave” the show, adding, “I don’t think it will have any effect at all.” Bush herself hasn’t said anything about her decision to leave.

While Bush is leaving, the new season features the return of Jon Seda, who starred in the Chicago spin-off Chicago Justice. Unlike Chicago Fire, Med and PD, Justice flopped and was cancelled after 13 seasons. Seda appeared in PD as Det. Antonio Dawson after joining the Chicago-verse in 2012 on Fire. Now, he’s back on PD.

“It feels like I never really left yet it still feels new at the same time,” Seda told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s like going back to an old team but it’s new, so it’s exciting.”

The 35-year-old Bush came to the Chicago-verse after starring on Once Tree Hill for nearly a decade as Brooke. She played Detective Erin Lindsay in PD and also appeared in an episode of Justice, six episodes of Med, 11 episodes of Fire and four episodes of Law & Order: SVU.