These 21 Left-Handed Celebrities Know the Struggle

Left Handed Celebs - LEAD
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Isabel Jones

Dec 06, 2016 @ 7:00 pm

It’s hard out there for a lefty. Only 10-percent of the population can identify with the struggle of the southpaw—the plight of the lefty in a classroom full of right-handed desks, the difficulty presented by scissors, the perpetual trail of ink or lead on the side of the hand … Ninety-percent of the population will never understand.

Despite the many obstacles in the life of a lefty, this unusual set is no stranger to success. Throughout history, some of the most notable and beloved people have led with their left hand.

America is made up of many great lefties—in fact, four of the U.S.’s last five Presidents have been left-handed: Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan. There’s a fair share of Oscar-winning lefties, too: Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts … Comedian lefties, royal lefties, talk show host lefties … We have them all.

We invite you to proudly scroll through this list of famous lefties (with your left hand, no less), and celebrate in your collective success.  

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Congratulations, you left-handed force of nature, you.

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