9 Celebrity Reality TV Show Judges We Adore

TV Judges - Lead 2016
Trae Patton/NBC; Vincent Sandoval/WireImage

Isabel Jones

Oct 06, 2016 @ 5:00 pm

In addition to their fiery careers, a growing number of celebrities have upped their pop culture relevance by taking on mentorship roles on reality television. As judges and coaches on talent competitions, high-profile stars have the opportunity to interact more intimately with fans and share new sides of their personalities.

Multi-talented stars like Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lopez found new voices with their turns as music competition show mentors while Dancing with the Stars pro Julianne Hough and former Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler owe their careers to reality television—a debt they’re now repaying as judges. Others, like Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks, found their way to the reality game after long and fruitful careers in the modeling world and chose to share their experience in fashion with up-and-comers.

No matter their path or reasoning, it’s clear to see that these celebrity judges are proponents. They do it all—and look good while doing it.

Scroll down for a taste of the busy careers of the most accomplished celebrity judges to grace the small screen in recent years.

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