12 Next-Gen Kennedys You Need to Know Now

Rose schlossberg Jackie Kennedy
Kevin Wolf/AP; Michael Ochs Archives/Getty

Olivia Bahou

May 12, 2017 @ 3:15 pm

The Kennedys have been the most talked about family in American politics for over half a century, and the chatter around them never seems to die down. And for good reason: Modern-day Kennedys have a hand in seemingly every aspect of public life. From politicians to actors, journalists, and environmental activists, this massive family does it all. From Cuomos to Schwarzeneggers, we’ll bet you didn’t even know that many of these millennials are related to the Kennedy clan.

VIDEO: Meet JFK’s Only Grandson, Jack Schlossberg


Decades after Camelot, here are the youngest Kennedys you should have on your radar.

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