Carrie Barnette: A Tribute to the Las Vegas Shooting Victim


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Carrie Barnette had a heart of gold, loved ones said.

Carrie Barnette was among the 59 people killed in the Las Vegas mass shooting late Sunday night at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino during the Route 91 Harvest country music festival. Loved ones described Barnette as someone with a huge heart and beautiful soul. She was preceded in death by her grandparents, according to friends.

Love poured out on the stunning blonde’s Facebook page, and some posted to Barnett’s page with heartbreaking concern after news of the massacre erupted.

“Hope you girls are ok!,” Tina Redweik posted.

Rhianna Brookshire wrote:

Ok friends, if anyone has heard frm Carrie or Amanda plz let us knw.
She hasn’t been active on messanger in 2hrs & hasn’t posted anything since earlier today. I’ve tried calling, txting, & fb calling them both. I’ve even attempt to message a girl named Jenn Gibson who they went to the festival with bt no one is responding.
I’m really wryd about my friends. I am praying they jst lost their phs while in a scramble to run from these crazy ppl who wanted to hurt whoever they could.
Plz let us knw if you hear frm them.

Barnette attended the concert with a friend named Amanda, whom is safe, Kyle Perish told Heavy.

“Carrie, just checking to see if you got out safe!,” Tammy Humphrey wrote. “I saw Jenn Gibson post she’s in was hiding in a bathroom a few hours ago. Let us know you are ok, please!”

After news broke that Barnette did not make it, Humphrey followed up with a tear-jerking post. “Heaven just gained another angel,” she stated. “RIP sweet Carrie. You were a beautiful girl with one of the biggest hearts. I bet you’re hugging your grandparents right now ♡♡♡♡.”

“This is Carrie Barnette, she was 34 year old & attended Pacifica high school where she was a cheerleader,” @sahluwal tweeted. “She was gunned down last night in Las Vegas.”

“R.I.P Carrie I was very lucky to work with you, you deff made everyone laugh and enjoyed working with you in the kitchen! You will be missed greatly,” ❤️

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