Bug Alert: Your VC Could Vanish With Your MyPlayer in NBA 2k18


Players are reporting an issue with NBA 2k18’s economy: Namely their VC is disappearing via MyPlayer.

Reported on Operation Sports’ forums, the problem has spread to twitter, and appears to be affecting VC spent on ‘MyPlayer’:

Operation Sports reports:

“There is a very nasty bug within NBA 2K18 it appears, where you can lose your MyPlayer and all the VC you spent on it due to a bug within the game. The thread on the OS forums is already spanning multiple pages as players reported issues over the weekend.”

This is most likely a server issue. As players flood into the game from this past Friday when the game came out, to today, the load on the server is massive, and likely having problems processing the various transactions, server side, that come with upgrading and modifying your MyPlayer.

2K support is likely swamped – but be sure to file a ticket just in case 2K can’t restore the VC or your MyPlayer. Though it’s probable they’ll give a bunch of extra VC out to people if they can’t correct the problem.

There were massive problems with the first NBA 2k game released on Xbox One and PS4, NBA 2k14, that plagued the game throughout its release.

NBA 2k18 looks to be a wonderful suite of basketball features and gameplay modes, from incredible graphics to a new story-driven GM experience. But if you cannot earn VC – and keep it – the entire game falls apart.

When you think about it, the fact you can buy VC outside of the in-game economy and use it in-game to get better, faster, is possibly the first time Steroids have been introduced to a sports game.

Thus, avoid MyPlayer until the issue has been resolved.

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