Bryan Moles: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


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U.S. President Donald Trump walks to the waiting motorcade after having dinner at Trump International Hotel April 22, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Getty)

Bryan Moles, a Pennsylvania man, is accused of keeping guns and ammo in his car outside the Trump International Hotel, where he was staying in Washington D.C.

A police report said that Moles has been placed under arrest after the cache of weapons was discovered on May 31.

It’s not clear why Moles had the weaponry or why he was staying at the Trump property. It’s also not clear whether he was a threat at all. You can read the police report below.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Officers Saw a Firearm in Plain View in Mole’s Car, a Report Alleges

The police report is pretty brief, but it does describe what police allegedly found in Moles’ car.

“On the listed date…members of the First District received information that S-1 would have possession of the listed firearms,” the report says. “While on scene officers observed the listed firearm in plain view in S-1’s vehicle with a secondary firearm located S-1’s glove box. S-1 was placed under arrest and charged with Carrying a Pistol without a License CPWL and transported to the First District for processing.”

The report lists a Glock, Carbin 15 Bushmaster, ammo, and .223. ABC7 reported that one weapon found was an assault rifle, and Moles allegedly had 90 rounds of ammo.

2. Moles Reportedly Is a Military Veteran Who Likes Trump

Early reports are that Moles is a Trump supporter.

According to ABC 7, “Moles reportedly told police he is a military veteran and suffers from PTSD and that he stayed at the hotel because he likes President Trump. It’s unclear if he posed any threat.”

3. Moles Is From a Small Town in Pennsylvania

Moles hails from a town in Pennsylvania called Edinboro. He is 43-years-old, according to police. Edinboro is a small college town of just over 6,000 people near Erie.

Moles was arrested inside the hotel just after midnight on May 30, The Washington Times reported.

4. The Trump Hotel Released a Statement That Accused Moles of Acting ‘Suspiciously’

Although it’s still not clear what threat, if any, Moles allegedly posed, the Trump hotel was taking no chances.

“We take the safety and security of guests very seriously. It is our first priority,” the statement read. “This morning, the authorities arrested a guest who was behaving suspiciously. The matter is under investigation therefore it would be inappropriate for us to provide additional details. Please refer your inquiry to the investigating authorities.”

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5. Trump’s Security Has Been a Concern

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Trump is surrounded by security everywhere he goes. (Getty)

Protecting any president is a tall order. However, the tense climate surrounding Trump’s persona has compounded concerns. Already during Trump’s short presidency, a series of people have jumped or tried to jump the White House fence.

On May 30, comedienne Kathy Griffin apologized for posting what she claimed was a joke that showed her holding a mask of Trump’s severed head. The Griffin post has met with great outrage.

This post will be updated as more is learned about Moles.

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