Bekah Martinez Was Recently Reported Missing By Her Mother


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Bekah Martinez is the youngest contestant on season 22 of The Bachelor and she is vying for the heart of star Arie Luyendyk. And, apparently, she needs to keep in better contact with her mother. The NY Times reported that when The North Coast Journal posted a story, featuring people who were reported missing in Humboldt County. One of the commenters, Amy Bonner O’Brien, identified Martinez and a media storm erupted.

The Humboldt County sheriff’s office told the NY Times that Martinez’s mother reported her missing on November 18, 2017, saying she had last had contact with her daughter on November 12, 2017. Martinez contacted her mother later in the day when her missing persons report was filed, but investigators weren’t aware of this until a month later. The official statement from the sheriff’s office explained that, “As part of procedure, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office deputies are typically required to make direct contact with the missing person to confirm status and well-being, as geographical and other factors allow. A deputy was not able to make direct contact with Martinez and she was not removed from the Missing and Unidentified Persons System.”

Martinez is known as a free spirit on The Bachelor and she has joked about her missing persons report online. At least she can laugh all the drama off …

On this morning’s episode of Live! With Kelly and Ryan, Luyendyk appeared as one of the special guests and the hosts brought up that Martinez was recently thought to be missing by her mother. Luyendyk joked that it shows you need to check in with your mom. Host Kelly Ripa’s theory was that Martinez is the winner because usually winners of the show have to stay out of the spotlight or “go underground” as she put it. Ripa joked, “I have a theory. Bekah is the girl you choose. Wanna know why I have this theory? Because she went into lockdown … The dealio is when you choose a bachelorette, she has to go underground. She went so deep underground her mom thought she was a missing person!” But, before we get into some of the big spoilers about Martinez from this season, we have to extend you a warning. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW ANY SPOILERS ABOUT THE BACHELOR OR BEKAH MARTINEZ, STOP READING NOW.

Now we can get into Martinez’s fate on the show … Unfortunately for Martinez fans, the 22-year-old is not this season’s winner, according to Reality Steve. She does, however, appear to do well on the group date during tonight’s episode. According to the ABC plot description, “Six bachelorettes are ecstatic to discover they will get private dance lessons on the stage of the famed Moulin Rouge. They show off their moves, but grow more intense and competitive when they learn that one woman will earn the chance to dance with Arie onstage that night in a performance. Afterward, the claws come out as the ladies long for Arie’s dance partner to depart.” We’ll have to see how Martinez makes out in Paris on tonight’s episode of The Bachelor on ABC.