Austin Rogers: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Austin Rogers is riding high on Jeopardy!, winning over $250,000 after six games. But it’s not just his knowledge and skills at playing the game that has impressed fans. It’s his quirky demeanor and the fact that it looks like he played Richard Dreyfus’ stunt-double in Jaws.

Rogers has won $257,700 so far. He’s a bartender from New York, but you wouldn’t know it from his hilarious Twitter and Facebook accounts.

You can follow Rogers on Twitter, where he’s been live-tweeting his Jeopardy! episodes, and Facebook.

Here’s a look at Rogers.

1. His Wacky Sense of Humor on ‘Jeopardy!’ Is Matched by His Facebook & Twitter Pages

Rogers’ wacky sense of humor is one reason why Jeopardy! fans have been fallen in love with him. When you visit his Twitter and Facebook pages, they don’t disappoint. He loves to joke about his location – on Twitter, he claims to live in “Mordor, New Jersey” and is an “Architect of Falling Water and Burj Khalifa.”

On Facebook, he claims to be living in Vladivostok, Russia and is from Cartagena, Colombia. As for his job, he writes that he’s “Nexus-6 Voight-Kampff Administrator, Level 2” at Tyrell Corporation. As all science fiction fans know, that’s the name of the company in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner.

Rogers also revealed himself to be a New York Yankees fan. But as we learned on Jeopardy!, he really does not like The Eagles.

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2. Rogers Is a Westchester, New York Native Whose Father Was a Park Ranger

Rogers said his father was a park ranger and said he grew up on a reservation. According to, that reservation would be Ward Pound Ridge Reservation.

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When asked if he’d ever encountered wild animals, Rogers told Alex Trebek, “Usually drunk kids from John Jay high school.”

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3. Rogers’ October 3 Show Total Was the Third-Highest Single Game Total of All Time

According to The Jeopardy! Fan, Rogers’ October 3 show total of $69,000 was the third-highest mark of all time. The top two are Roger Craig’s $77,000 game on September 14, 2010 and Ken Jennings’ $75,000 on July 23, 2004. His six-day total was also the highest of all time, passing Craig’s $230,200.

The Jeopardy! Fan also reports that Rogers’ $34,000 Final Jeopardy! wager – which was his entire total heading into the final – was the highest ever in the show’s history.

The October 3 Final Jeopardy! clue was in the category of 20th Century Leaders. “He said, ‘Never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another’” was the clue. The correct response was “Who Is Nelson Mandela?”

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4. He Still Has 68 Games to Go to Reach Ken Jennings’ 74-Game Win Record

Rogers still has a long way to go if he hopes to break or match the record set by the famous Ken Jennings. According to the show’s site, Jennings’ original streak ran 74 games between 2003 and 2004. Rogers still has 68 games to go to match him. During his original streak, Jennings won $2,522,700 in the original streak. He lost in his 75th game.

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Jennings won $3,270,700 overall on Jeopardy! and was the runner-up in the 2014 Battle of the Decades.

However, the man with the highest winnings is Brad Rutter. He’s won $4,355,102 from his appearances on the show. The only time he ever lost was in 2011, when he played against IBM’s Watson computer. He also took part in the Ultimate Tournament of Champions, the Million Dollar Masters and the Battle of the Decades.

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Rogers is probably more comparable to Arthur Chu, who won $398,200 in 2014 thanks to his unique strategy. Instead of going down the categories one by one, he jumped around the board in search of the Daily Double clues. Rogers has also impressed Jeopardy! viewers with a knack of betting big on Daily Doubles.

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5. He’s a Graduate of Macalester College & Hosted New York City Trivia Nights

Austin Rogers Jeopardy, Austin Rogers LinkedIn, Austin Rogers bartender

LinkedIn/Austin RogersAustin Rogers, without his beard.

According to Rogers’ LinkedIn page, he is a graduate of Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota and earned a degree in History with a minor in Music in 2000. In addition to being a bartender, as he’s told Trebek, he is also a freelance writer. He calls himself an “Advertising, Marketing, Sales and Events Professional.”

According to his LinkedIn page, Rogers has also hosted New York City area trivia nights and has been a public speaker at non-profit fundraisers. He has also worked at Digitas as a manager of corporate communications and was an events manager for the Asia Society.

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