Astro Bot Rescue Mission Evaluation: PS VR’s Killer App


Anybody with a PlayStation VR is aware of the character Astro Bot, a perky and charismatic mascot mainstay of the The Playroom VR, who heads off to rescue his mates in a memorable mini-game pack-in. Using a headset-oriented digicam, gamers observe and management Astro as they bop round seeking misplaced robotic friends, hiding behind brilliant foliage or dilly-dallying down secret paths. Astro Bot Rescue Mission is a full-length improve on that preliminary proof-of-concept, and offers PS VR players a signature unique to proudly lord over their non-VR-having mates.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission manages to each act as a showcase of that {hardware} whereas additionally bringing an excellent design method to the chosen style. Past the spectacular capabilities of the headset, the sport options just a few unbelievable mechanical ideas that can endear you to the character past their uncooked cute-factor, which isn’t any small feat. Astro Bot is a nimble little character navigating brightly-colored 3D environments, and so they can leap, punch, and cost up a spin-attack, strikes which have admittedly seen repeated use in numerous platformers. Nevertheless, this little robotic has one other necessary trick up their sleeve: a jump-jet method that allows a brief hover throughout each leap, damages any enemies caught in its line-of-fire, and exactly signifies the place Astro will lastly land.

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This one seemingly modest mechanic proves ingenious, and handily solves some of the distinguished bugbears in even the best examples of the style: the fussiness of predicting the place a personality will land in 3D area. Utilizing the jump-jets, gamers can safely hover over skinny tightropes and tiny ledges, all the time feeling safe that Astro gained’t mistakenly plummet from a misinterpret leap. Past these primary strikes, sure phases provide particular instruments which might be built-in into the PS4 controller (following your actions, it’s all the time seen within the literal game-space), like a controllable grappling hook or water hose. Whereas these instruments are much less notable and refined than the singular brilliance of the jump-jets, they enhance participant immersion within the diorama-like environments.

Keep in mind when it was revealed in Tremendous Mario 64 that Lakitu on his trusty cloud was the digicam operator? Astro Bot Rescue Mission equally personifies the digicam management, solely with the participant representing their very own giant robotic, touring ahead by every stage whereas the controller strikes Astro round. Swiveling the headset (a snug spinning desk chair helps) lets you examine the extent geometry in each path, serving to to identify well-hidden robots in addition to camouflaged chameleons, which then unlock difficult bonus phases. As Astro’s friends are found, they hop gingerly into the participant’s controller with an animated flourish that’s fully pleasant, and discovering a few of the hardest ones — there are a complete of eight per stage, however one or two are typically significantly well-hidden — requires some out-of-the-box considering.

The gameplay loop of platforming and robot-finding doesn’t change a lot by the sport’s 5 worlds, a framework which places loads of stress on the standard of the extent design to maintain issues attention-grabbing. Fortunately, each particular person stage in Astro Bot Rescue Mission options an imaginative method to impediment format and navigation, shuttling Astro by bounce pads, secret windowed rooms, destructible environments, imposing bosses, and numerous shock reveals. One minute it’s an enormous enemy rising from a bottomless pit that targets the participant themselves (requiring an IRL dodge or head-bop to defeat), then a bursting set of beanstalks carries you into the sky, leaving Astro within the far distance beneath, the place you lead him on a protracted scamper again up into view.

The general problem all the time hit candy spot, not often throwing something too daunting in your manner whereas making certain that finishing a stage nonetheless feels rewarding. Checkpointing is peppered all through, although it’s not unusual to run right into a shock risk and be pressured to re-do the final minute or so of gameplay. Fortunately, any discovered robotic mates by no means reset and participant lives are limitless, so it’s only a matter of reacquiring any misplaced cash.

In between ranges, gamers can money in these cash for particular toys and props to interact within the spaceship hub. The cash are plunked into a bit carnival claw recreation on the ship that serves numerous bubbled set-pieces, which can be utilized to remodel the spherical spaceship into a wide range of playroom environments. It’s a quaint diversion that may function a pleasant breather from the completely different worlds and problem phases, shrinking the visible motifs discovered within the correct ranges right down to a comfortable little play-set.

If something, the one sore spot within the expertise is likely to be the over-stimulating soundtrack. There are just a few items that stand out, like a pleasing monitor that performs throughout an underwater stage, however most of it’s simply highly-caffeinated nonsensical pop, filled with cringe-inducing document scratches and synthesized horns. It’s not sufficient to weigh the expertise down, nevertheless it’s a meaninglessly raucous assortment of noise bereft of character, and doesn’t evaluate to the characterful delight present in virtually each different side of the sport. The sound results on their very own are fairly good, although, and listening for the warbles of hiding robots gives a touch for determining the place they’re — one that will be simpler if the soundtrack’s depth may simply tone itself down just a few notches.

The primary board assembly held for Astro Bot Rescue Mission may have featured a single phrase written in all caps on a whiteboard: CHARM. It oozes by the sport’s pores, however by no means appears like an inexpensive or inconsiderate cash-grab; this isn’t one other me-too half-baked mascot platformer fast-tracked out the door. The minutes or hours you spend with it by no means fails to impress a well-earned grin, whether or not it’s from Astro mistakenly leaping onto your in-game headset and politely waving a cheerful good day, or the best way the rescued robots huddle round in grateful awe when visiting the spaceship. The PlayStation VR’s killer app for 2018 is right here, and it’s each a sturdy expression of the tech’s potential and a well designed platformer that may go toe-to-toe with a few of the greatest within the style.

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Astro Bot Rescue Mission is offered now on PlayStation VR for $39.99. Display Rant was offered a digital PS VR code for this overview.

Our Score:

4.5 out of 5 (Should-Play)

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