‘ARMS’ Controls: How to Curve Your Punches


ARMS Switch

If you want to succeed in the dangerous and fast paced fighting world of Nintendo’s ARMS then you’ll need to know some basic mechanics. One of these is curving your punches, which is a unique feature to this title that offers a good sense of control to how you engage enemies. It’s important to use this mechanic whenever you are in a fight as it will allow you to catch enemies off guard or approach fighting a specific type of character differently. While the actual controls for this move are easy enough, you’ll need to understand the little nuance and depth to truly master ARMS’ combat.

To curve your punches you will need to punch forward and tilt your wrist during this motion, with the top part of the Joy-Con acting as the indication for which direction the fist will go. Doing so will cause that fighter’s arm to curve in the direction you tilted your hand, thus allowing you some degree of control in how you strike. Remember, ARMS is not 100% precise so you will want to curve your punches a bit early to ensure they make the arc you want. Try to curve your punches for where the opponent is going not where they are because a smart player will dash away before the move hits. Just remember if you don’t punch and twist your fists inward you will block instead of throw a punch.

You’ll also need to take into consideration the type of Arms that you have equipped, as they all sport different properties that affect how your arm is used. One can produce a shield that can force enemies back, while another type of fist seeks out opponents when you throw a punch. It’s critical you understand what the arms you are using do, so make sure to experiment and practice until you get a combination that works with your fighting style.