Andrew MacCormack: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


A Massachusetts man is accused of brutally murdering his wife before bringing the couple’s baby with him to purchase cocaine.

Andrew MacCormack, 29, was charged in the murder of his wife Vanessa MacCormack, 30, inside their home in Revere on Saturday. The husband was ordered held without bail after giving a not guilty plea at his Thursday arraignment in Chelsea District Court.

Police say Vanessa, an elementary school teacher in the area, was strangled and then had her neck slashed. She was found at the home with a trash bag over her head Saturday afternoon. Prosecutors say Andrew took $100 out of an ATM after murdering Vanessa and attempted to purchase cocaine with their baby in his car. He allegedly returned home to clean the murder scene before contacting authorities. He’s due back in court October 17 for a probable cause hearing.

Vanessa was a second-grade teacher in Lynn, Massachusetts, and was known for her loving attitude. Connery Elementary School Principal Mary Dill issued a statement after her murder, calling her a “compassionate friend and colleague.”

“Our school community is heartbroken,” Dill wrote in the statement. “Vanessa was loved by students, parents and colleagues. She was involved in every aspect of the school and a great friend to everyone on the staff. She will be dearly missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family.”

Here’s what you need to know about the incident and MacCormack:

1. Police Accuse Andrew of Cleaning the Gruesome Murder Scene With Bleach

Police arrived at the home Saturday afternoon and found Vanessa dead and severely battered. Suffolk Assistant District Attorney Ian Polumbaum said at Andrew’s hearing that Vanessa suffered “blunt trauma to her face, slash and stab wounds on her neck, signs of manual strangulation and suffocation.”

According to court documents, a few of Vanessa’s teeth also appeared to be knocked out “and there were multiple sharp force injuries to her neck.” Investigators also found a clump of Vanessa’s hair in a bedroom of the home.

Polumbaum said a trash bag was put over Vanessa’s head “in an effort to catch the blood.” As officers arrived on scene, they noted that the home “smelled of bleach” and it looked as if the bedroom had been cleaned, though there were still blood stains in some areas. Polumbaum reportedly said the bathroom was so clean that the only footprints located were from a responding officer.

Officers also noticed that a had been missing from the butcher block in the kitchen when they arrived on scene.

2. Police Say Andrew Took His Baby With Him When He Tried to Purchase Drugs

Andrew told responding officers that he left their home around noon Saturday, but gave misleading statements as to as to whether Vanessa was at home when he left, the Boston Herald reported.

Polumbaum said that after murdering Vanessa, Andrew took the couple’s 1-year-old daughter and drove to a friend’s house nearby. He said he left to go back home when his daughter needed to be changed, but more than one hour of his time was unaccounted for.

Investigators say that Andrew went to East Boston and withdrew $100 from an ATM and met a drug dealer nearby to purchase cocaine.

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3. Andrew Sobbed Profusely at his Arraignment Hearing

At his arraignment hearing Wednesday, Andrew was seen with tears in his eyes as police revealed the details of the case. His attorney, John C. Hayes, said at the hearing that investigators should be looking for other suspects and requested a bail be set at $50,000.

“It’s very easy for the police, for the Commonwealth, to take facts that have many explanations and focus through the lens of the assumption of guilt,” Hayes said in court, according to The Herald. “‘Let’s pick through his story, let’s pick through his life. The reality is they have no evidence he killed his wife, no one saw him do it, no one heard anything, no one saw him coming and going.”

However, the judge didn’t grant Andrew bond, and tears continued to stream down his face.

Hayes said the couple were “happily married,” but were just struggling with some recent problems spurred by finances. Andrew’s attorney claimed his client had been sobbing ever since he was arrested and proclaimed his innocence.

“It’s a completely circumstantial case, some of this evidence is being misinterpreted or read just the way the DA wants it to read,” Hayes told reporters outside of the courthouse. “I think the police should be spending more time making sure they have the right guy. It’s very easy to say the husband did it. It’s easy to focus and turn the lens on one person and make innocent things look bad.”

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Family members filled the courtroom, many with emotional expressions on their faces. All declined to comment to the media after the hearing.

4. Police Say the Couple Had Been Nearing Divorce & Accused Andrew of Pawning Items to Fuel a Drug Habit

vanessa MacCormack

FacebookVanessa MacCormack.

Police say the murder was brought on by a domestic dispute, and it appeared the two were heading toward divorce. Investigators looked through Andrew’s text messages on his phone and found messages indicating Vanessa was thinking about filing for the separation.

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“I hate you so much you’ve ruined (their daughter’s) life because she won’t have her parents together,” Vanessa wrote in an August 31 message, court documents indicated. “I’ll talk to (a real estate agent) tomorrow about listing the house and I’ll look into divorce lawyers.”

Andrew replied to the messaged by saying: “Ur crazy. I’m not signing anything to sell the house or get divorced.”

Vanessa’s mother reportedly told police that Andrew called her that Saturday afternoon as he walked into the house through the basement and “discovered” her body.

“Call 911, she’s gone,” Andrew told the mother, court records indicated.

Vanessa’s mother told police that she was nervous about things Andrew withheld from her daughter, and noted that the couple had been having financial issues. She said Vanessa had been wondering where two missing wedding rings went, as well as sums of money being “stolen” from the couple.

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Andrew explained to Vanessa and her mother that his bank account was hacked and the rings were stolen. However, prosecutors say he pawned the jewelry and used the money to fuel his drug habit.

Offices talked to a drug dealer known in the area, who said Andrew had a $400-500/week cocaine habit.

5. Andrew Doesn’t Have a History of Domestic Abuse Against Vanessa but Did With an Ex-Girlfriend

Court records indicate that Andrew was accused of domestic abuse of an ex-girlfriend in 2011, but the accuser never showed up to court.

Andrew was accused of dragging her down two flights of stairs by her hair. According to Hayes, the accuser was not credible and never pursued the charges.

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