Anaheim Hills ‘Canyon Fire 2’ Map: Location of the Fire & Evacuations


Mandatory evacuations were ordered in Anaheim Hills, California on Monday as a Canyon fire spread to more than 4,000 acres.

Fire officials told The Los Angeles Times that the massive blaze has burned at least six homes, and extreme winds — with gusts in excess of 62 mph — caused fires in front of the fire line. As of 5 p.m. local time, the fire was 0 percent contained, and it’s currently unknown what caused the fire. There haven’t yet been any reports of injuries or fatalities as a result of the blaze.

More than 2,000 home have been evacuated as the fire consumes brush and heads west. Officials have shut down the area as they tend to the blaze. For the latest information on the fire, call 714) 765-4333 or follow the fire department on Twitter here.

Here’s a look at those evacuations and where the fire is currently located.

A spokesman for the Anaheim Fire Department told The Times that “Canyon Fire No. 2” started around 9:20 a.m. local time Monday near 91 Freeway and Gypsum Canyon Road. Once it started, winds helped it spread across the area. More than 200 firefighters are working to contain the blaze.

The fire comes just weeks after a brush fire burned over 2,500 acres at the Anaheim-Corona border, prompting dozens of evacuations.