Anaheim Fire Live Stream: Watch Live Updates of People & News in Orange County


Fires in California have been forcing mass evacuations, ravaging nearby areas and leaving at least one person dead. Two major fires have been burning today, one in Santa Rosa’s wine country and one in Anaheim, but other fires have also been raging in other parts of California at the same time.  You can watch a livestream showing the Anaheim fire above, shot by people in the region.

Below are more streams from local news feeds and other sources.

So far, one person died in Mendocino County, CNN reported. And more than 100 people are being treated for fire-related issues in Napa and Sonoma areas. At least 1,500 structures have been destroyed and 57,000 acres total burned in eight counties today.

The fires began Sunday night and Monday, and spread Monday because of dry conditions.

In Anaheim Hills, a wildfire has spread to 2,000 acres and several homes have caught fire. Gusty winds blew hot embers, spreading the fire from house to house.

The Anaheim Hills fire was first reported just before 10 a.m. on Monday near the 241 Interchange, near the eastbound 91 Freeway. It started out at just 25 acres but grew quickly. Both sides of 91 have been closed and the 241 toll lanes were shut down on both sides.

The Anaheim Fire and Rescue Department is calling this fire “Canyon 2.”

We will update this story with new live streams as available.