‘America’s Got Talent’ 2017 Auditions & Winners So Far …


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Tonight is week 3 of America’s Got Talent season 12, with another round of contestants, hoping to make it through the auditions. Judges Mel B, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell have already put through two golden buzzer contestants and there’s room for more. Sadly, news came out today about one of this season’s upcoming contestants, named Dr. Brandon Rogers, who died over the weekend in a car crash. He was a singing contestant, whose episode has not yet aired this season, according to TMZ. Rogers was very talented and even got the opportunity to perform with Boyz II Men. There has not been confirmation on whether or not his audition will air now, given the circumstances.

As for the other contestants on the show so far, for week one, a singing ventriloquist named Darci Lynne Farmer earned the golden buzzer honor from judge Mel B. Other contestants who made it through on the premiere episode included a piano-playing chicken named Jokgu of the Flockstars, Demian Aditya the escape artist, a stand-up comedian called Preacher Larson, singer Yoli Mayor, dancing duo Junior and Emily Alibi, magician Will Tsai, a singing Donald Trump, a young dance performer named Merrick Hanna, and a singing clown called Puddles Pity Party. And, when it comes to last week’s show, you can check out each of the successful contestants’ auditions in the below video clips.

Mandy Harvey

Mandy Harvey is a deaf singer and performer, who sang an original song on stage. Her abilities earned her a golden buzzer win from judge Simon Cowell on the show. Harvey was not born deaf, but ended up losing her hearing and adapted so that she could continue to have music in her life.

Angelica Hale

This little girl is adorable, has personality and she has a singing voice beyond her years. She is truly incredible and was overjoyed when she made it through with a rendition of Andra Day’s “Rise Up.”

Colin Cloud

Cloud is a real-life Sherlock Holmes, who is also a mind-reader and he says he uses his criminal profiling background to aid in his tricks.

Billy & Emily England

Judge Simon Cowell was very familiar with these two siblings and their act because they previously appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. Their act is a highly dangerous roller-skating stunt performance and when they aren’t on the AGT stage, they are part of the cast of the show Absinthe in Las Vegas.


This family band is called Pelican212 and they made it through with the approval of the judges last week, though they didn’t get too much air time yet.

Nick Uhas

Nick Uhas is a charming chemist, who makes science fun and impressive, using the help of some of the judges in his act.

Artyon & Paige

These two kids are a dancing duo and it’s clear that Paige has a little crush on her dance partner. They are overly animated, which all the judges love except for Simon Cowell, who also hates their song choice. Fortunately for them, the other judges enjoyed their performance to “Barbie Girl.”

Chase Goehring

Chase Goehring is a singer and guitar player, who impresses viewers and the judges. He has a similar sound to Ed Sheeran and he performs an original song called “Hurt,” which has been a hit online in recent years. And, not only can Goehring sing, but he can also rap.

Diavolo: Dance Troupe

This dancing group truly stuns with dangerous acrobatics on a rocking structure. Check out their performance in the above video.

Mia Moore

Have you ever met a dog that can count? This pup, Mia Moore, can count flash cards or mimic numbers spoken to her by barking.

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