American Ninja Warrior: Season Finale Winner Predictions


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In the history of American Ninja Warrior, only 2 competitors have completed the final ANW course and achieved total victory– Isaac Caldiero and Kevin Bull. Tonight, we’ll find out if any Season 9 competitors have what it takes to take home the grand prize money of $1 million.

Read on for our trip predictions for who will complete the course tonight:

Drew Drechsel

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Drew Drechsel crushed Stage 1 of the finals with 1:01.29 left.

Last year, Drew Drechsel was the only competitor who moved on to Stage 3 of the National Finals.

Daniel Gil

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Daniel Gil was the fastest finisher in the Qualifying rounds this year, and the only finisher in the San Antonio finals.

Gil is a trainer at Iron Sports Fitness, as well as a dancer, and an opera singer.

Brent Steffensen

Brent Steffensen is dedicating tonight’s run to his pup, Mr. Mogley, who passed away recently. Steffensen recently told TV Insider, “I’ve dedicated my season to my former sidekick, Mr. Mogley. Plus, I’ll be saying goodbye to an old training partner, Kacy… I’m stoked about my performance so far. I felt super smooth on Stage One and The Big Dipper [challenge] could be my favorite obstacle of all time. It makes you feel like as superhero flying through the air.”

Josh Levin

Josh Levin is a professional rock climber from Sunnyvale, California. He’s currently pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering from Northeastern University.

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