Allyson Jeanette Thompson & Joanie Barrett: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


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Alyssa Jeannette Thompson, bottom left, and Joanie Barrett, bottom right, have been identified as being involved in posting inappropriate social media photos and videos taken, seen top, at Naval Hospital Jacksonville.

Two “Navy nurses” are being investigated after “inappropriate” photos and videos showing them forcing a newborn baby to dance to rap music and calling babies “mini Satans,” were posted to social media.

Allyson Jeanette Thompson and Joanie Barrett, who are members of the Navy stationed at Naval Hospital Jacksonville, have been removed from patient care after the posts went viral on Facebook, the hospital said in a statement.

“We are aware of a video / photo posted online. It’s outrageous, unacceptable, incredibly unprofessional, and cannot be tolerated,” the hospital’s commanding officer, Captain David Collins, said in the statement.

Thompson is a corpsman, which is a Navy medic and not a registered nurse, while it is not clear what Barrett’s position is.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Video Shows a Newborn Baby Being Forced to Dance to 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’

The video, which can be watched above, shows a Naval Hospital Jacksonville employee, identified on social media as Allyson Jeanette Thompson, forcing a newborn baby to dance to 50 Cent’s song “In Da Club.”

The brief video shows Thompson swinging the baby’s arms to the beat and laughing.

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The photo was shared thousands of times on Facebook.

Another photo posted to social media shows a newborn baby sleeping and a woman’s middle finger extended toward the child. You can see the photo below:

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The photo posted to Snapchat.

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The photo is captioned, “How I currently feel about these mini Satans.”

2. The Videos & Photos Were Posted to Snapchat by Thompson & Then Shared on Facebook by a High School Classmate

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FacebookAllyson Thompson.

The videos were first posted to Snapchat by Allyson Thompson, and then were shared on Facebook by a high school classmate.

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“A girl I went to high school with is a navy nurse and this is how her and her shitty friend treat the babies that have just been born,” the classmate wrote. “My blood is literally boiling and I want to snitch bc that is someone’s child. The first pic is her friend who is making the baby dance and she’s playing rap music in the background. I’m LIVID and I’m snitching bc she should get fired from her job but idk how to go about it. Pissed isn’t even the words.”

She also shared her response to Thompson:

A reply to Allyson Thompson’s Snapchat post.

Denisa Shellito, a military spouse, then shared the photos on her Facebook page, and her post went viral, receiving more than 100,000 views in a day as it spread throughout the military family community.

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“I’m just sharing someone’s post in hopes that these childish girls get reprimanded and lose their jobs,” Shellito wrote. “They work at the naval hospital in Jacksonville, FL. Call, email, do whatever it takes to get through to administration!!”

3. Naval Hospital Jacksonville’s Says They Will Be Handled by the ‘Legal System & Military Justice’

Naval Hospital Jacksonville issued this statement.

Naval Hospital Jacksonville issued a statement Tuesday after the social media posts went viral. While the post did not name the corpsmen, it said they are being dealt with.

“We are aware of a video / photo posted online. It’s outrageous, unacceptable, incredibly unprofessional, and cannot be tolerated,” said the statement, attributed to Captain David Collins, the commanding officer at the hospital. “We have identified the staff members involved. They have been removed from patient care and they will be handled by the legal system and military justice. We’ve notified the patient’s parents.”

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FacebookAllyson Thompson.

The hospital is located at Naval Air Station Jacksonville and proudly states on its website, “Naval Hospital Jacksonville’s priority is to heal our nation’s heroes and their families at our hospital–the Navy’s third largest–and branch health clinics in Florida and Georgia.”

The hospital’s Facebook page states, “The 2,400 active-duty and civilian staff do whatever it takes to deliver the highest quality, patient- and family-centered care. And with its community partners, NH Jax collaborates on a shared regional vision for safe, high-quality care. The command—the fourth largest in Navy Medicine—serves nearly 85,000 enrolled patients and expands its capacity to treat 163,000 beneficiaries through robust partnerships with local hospitals and physicians in the TRICARE network. NH Jax stands ready to support operational missions anytime, anywhere—from disaster relief to front-line combat care–and provides world-class medical care on the battlefield and on the homefront.”

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4. Thompson Is Originally From Alabama & Has Been a Navy Corpsman Since 2014

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FacebookAllyson Thompson has been in the Navy since 2014.

Allyson Thompson has been in the Navy as since January 2014, and is currently a hospital corpsman in Jacksonville, according to her Facebook page. She graduated from “A-school” in October 2014.

“Shout out to the best Chief and instructor ever, helping me through A-School and making fun of my “country” accent every day in class,” she wrote in a Facebook post, along with the photo above. “He’s a real inspiration and I hope to make Chief and higher one day. Hooyah A-School graduated!!”

Prior to being stationed at Naval Hospital Jacksonville, Thompson was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia, on the USS Mason, a destroyer, according to her Facebook page.

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FacebookAllyson Thompson.

Thompson is originally from Alabama and graduated from Opelika High School in 2014 before joining the Navy, according to her Facebook page.

“Said goodbye to my wonderful mommy for the last time. Lord knows I don’t know what I’m gonna do without her but this journey has been really great and serving in the Navy is an honor most people never get the opportunity to experience,” she wrote on Facebook on her way to boot camp.

allyson thompson navy

Allyson Thompson.

Her Twitter profile has received several angry messages on her last tweet, posted in August, “Been adulting so much that I forgot twitter existed 😅”

One person wrote, “Didn’t know “adulting” consisted of f*cking with people’s new born babies…”

Another said, “Adulting….. or playing with babies? Like they’re toys instead of humans? Oh okay.”

“Good luck adulting in jail 👍🏼,” wrote a third.

“Lol your career in the military and a nurse is over. You’re a disgrace to your family & the US. you talk of a good man. Who will want you?,” one Twitter user wrote.

Thompson could not be reached for comment.

5. Barrett, a Pennsylvania Native, Married a Fellow Sailor in May

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Joanie Barrett pictured with her husband, a fellow sailor.

Joanie Barrett is a Pennsylvania native. She was married in May 2017 to a fellow Navy sailor and now goes by Joanie Barrett Fender, according to her deleted Facebook page and her Twitter account.

It is not clear how long Barrett has been in the Navy, nor is it known how old she is.

“USN ⚓️ Jeeps OlllllllO 💋 Tats 🌊 Salt Life 🌴,” her Twitter profile reads.

It is also not known if Barrett is a corpsman or if she is a nurse. She made a reference on Twitter last year to being an officer.

In September 2016, she wrote on Twitter, “You hate tats, officers, independence, ambition and happiness… Yet you still hit my sh*t up? #EverythingIAm ✌🏻️”

Barrett did not respond to requests for comment.