Zac Efron’s Little Bro Wrote an Adorable Poem About Him

Zac Efron’s little brother, Dylan, is a poet and now the whole world knows it—because Zac posted an ode that Dylan wrote in sixth grade on Instagram. “[It’s] called ‘A Brotherly Thing,’ and there’s some stuff I feel like you need to confirm is either true or not,” Seth Meyers said when the actor appeared on Late Night Tuesday. Let’s review:

When your dad goes through your little bro’s old homework and finds a gem: Poem by Dylan in 6th grade #abrotherlything

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“At the very end there, he rhymed ‘thing’ with ‘think,’ and I think that’s a little lazy,” Meyers critiqued.

“He wouldn’t do that anymore,” Efron assured him. “He went to college and stuff. He should redo ‘A Brotherly Thing.’ I bet you he’s gonna be like, ‘He still thinks he’s a queen.'” Dylan, please get to work! Click the video above to hear Efron gush about his little brother and discuss working on the Baywatch reboot with The Rock.

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