You Have to See What Meghan Trainor Looks Like as a Redhead

Now here’s one way to get our lips movin’. We’ve never known Meghan Trainor as anything but a blonde, so her brand new look is nothing short of dramatic—and not to mention, pretty fabulous.

On Thursday, the singer posted a gorgeous selfie of her updated auburn tone, which apparently comes as a celebratory change for her upcoming album. “NEW ALBUM. NEW HAIR. THANK YOU LOLO,” she captioned the photo, giving a shoutout to her hairstylist Lorien Mellion. Her new shade was also paired with a super-flattering cut, making Trainor the most recent star to join the lob movement this year. Check out her selfie below, and see even more celebrity hair makeovers in our gallery.

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NEW ALBUM. NEW HAIR. THANK YOU LO LO @lorienmeillon ❤️

A photo posted by Meghan Trainor (@meghan_trainor) on

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