What Is Kate Middleton’s Net Worth?

As you may have guessed, Duchess Kate Middleton isn’t exactly strapped for cash.

Surprisingly, though, the bulk of Middleton’s wealth isn’t tied up in the royal family—well, sort of … According to Time, most of the duchess’s net worth comes from her parents’ online party supply company, Party Pieces, which is valued at around $50 million. Though, of course, the family biz has no doubt benefited from the fame of its heiress.

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Still, Kate was doing just fine before she wed Prince William—she stayed in her parents’ $1.4 million London apartment, worked for her parents’ business … You know, Art History major things.

But now that she’s joined the royal fold, things are even cushier. Though her full-time role as Duchess of Cambridge doesn’t earn her an annual salary, basically all her expenses are covered by Prince Charles’s estate, the Duchy of Cornwall. We’re talking travel, housing, wardrobe (!)—all comped. So any money Middleton had prior to joining the royal family is basically hers to spend/save as she pleases.

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Middleton’s estimated net worth is between $7 and $10 million—so not too shabby. Her husband, the future King of England, has her beat though, clocking a net worth of somewhere between $30 and $40 million.

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