This Badass, Plus-Size Superhero Is Breaking Down Body Norms

Now this character is restoring our faith in female comic book heroes. Valliant recently announced that Faith, a plus-size superhero who has been part of the Harbinger comic book series for many years, is getting her own series as dreamed up by writer Jody Houser. 

But Faith isn’t defined by her body shape or size—she’s defined by her intelligence, optimism, and kick-ass superpowers. “I wouldn’t call her a plus-size superhero, she’s a superhero who is plus-sized. And I know it’s a very fine line there, but I think it’s an important distinction,” Dinesh Shamdasani, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Valiant, told People.

And as for why Faith was initially created, that is clear: “Faith has always been plus-size from the very beginning, and that was the genius of the creators,” Shamdasani said. “The original Valiant offices were about 50 percent female. Some of them looked like Faith, and they looked around and wanted to create something that reflected the world that they see when they looked in the mirror.”

Plus-Size Superhero - Embed

“It just makes [her size] very normalized, especially for younger readers coming in,” Shamdasani added. “When they’re introduced to Faith at that age it helps open up their world a little bit, and they can say, ‘Oh, these people are just like me, they like the same things as me, they can be superheroes too.’ And I think that, in itself, is a very powerful thing.”

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Look for Faith’s first solo issue on Jan. 27, 2016.

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