This Baby and French Bulldog Born on the Same Day Have Become Besties

Meet Baby Dillan and his family’s French bulldog, Farley. These besties were born on the same day and they’ve grown up together in perfect harmony. Dillan’s mom Ivette Ivens is a photographer and has captured plenty of picture-perfect moments between the two through their short lives. 

“Dilan is now old enough to know that Farley is a dog, but when they were little, it really seemed that they believed they were the same species,” Ivens told BuzzFeed News. Now the duo can be spotted playing together=. “Together, they do all the goofy things,” she said. “They’re never serious together.”​

From sweet kisses to naptime, scroll down to see some of their sweetest photos together and follow her on Instagram for more too-cute pictures.

Baby and French Bulldog Embed 2
Baby and French Bulldog Embed 1
Baby and French Bulldog Embed 3

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