Perfume Madness! Kim Kardashian, Kate Spade, Faith Hill, and Tim McGraw to Launch New Scents

Get a whiff of this: Kim Kardashian, Kate Spade, and scent-savvy couple Faith Hill and Tim McGraw all have exciting new perfume launches in the works. Here are the details:

1. KATE SPADE: The retailer will release a new fragrance called Live Colorfully in April. The label’s second fragrance, priced at $95, is a springy mix of florals like pink water lily and tiare flower, with a gourmand twist of coconut water and Tahitian vanilla.

2. KIM KARDASHIAN: The reality star will launch Pure Honey ($55 to $68) in September, a blend of wild honeycomb and rose.

3. FAITH HILL & TIM MCGRAW: If you’re on the hunt for a his-and-hers Valentine’s Day gift, the couple is following up their Soul2Soul duo scents with Soul2Soul Vintage, a spring-appropriate take on their original fragrances. Both perfumes get a fresh addition of fruit, with Faith’s scent opening with pear and sparkling plum, while Tim incorporates mandarin and orange flower into his. Find the scents at for $24.50 each.

Plus, browse more celeb fragrances in our gallery!

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