Oprah Winfrey Says These Jeans Make Her “Look and Feel One Size Smaller”

InStyle March Cover - Oprah Lead
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Samantha Simon

Feb 15, 2018 @ 12:00 pm
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When it comes to choosing her favorite things, Oprah Winfrey doesn’t mess around. After all, she does release her own annual holiday list of top picks—and when she swears by an item, people take note. Because we can’t get enough of her consistently first-rate recommendations, we asked our March cover star to fill us in on what ranks with her all year round, from the must-have jeans that make her “look and feel one size smaller” to her ultimate girls’ night activity (it includes champagne and truffles, obvs). Scroll down for 26 of her all-time favorite things. 

VIDEO: Behind the Cover With Oprah Winfrey


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