Mindy’s “Mominista” Style Is Off the Charts on This Week’s The Mindy Project

Last week, The Mindy Project‘s costume designer Salvador Perez warned us that Mindy Lahiri was going to take her stay-at-home-mom style very seriously—and he wasn’t messing around.

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After lounging around for a bit in a super comfy Monrow gray T-shirt dress and long red American Apparel socks, Mindy Kaling’s character starting dressing to the nines after reading a blog called “Modern Mominista” (a classy site, according to Mindy, because of all the ads for anti-depressants), which encourages her to dress like she is going on a date with her baby every day. Well, if there’s one thing Mindy is good at, it’s dressing up for dates—and boy did Perez and his team have fun with this episode! “Mindy is really good at writing episodes around clothing,” he told InStyle

For her transformation into a self-proclaimed MILF, Mindy wore a collection of beautiful dresses, all topped with custom-made aprons by Perez using Liberty of London fabrics. After all, she needed those aprons while cleaning and cooking all day! Perez said there were a lot of looks to shoot for just one episode (nine in a single day), after getting acclimated to a few episodes of Kaling mostly just lounging around in different pajama sets from Bedhead. 

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Her first ensemble was a floral Trina Turk dress (above) over a custom lime green blouse you may recognize from Kaling’s Nationwide commercial. Perez topped the outfit off with real pearls and Jimmy Choo shoes. “Mindy wouldn’t wear fakes!” he said. Another gorgeous ensemble she wore during her week of MILF outfits was a purple Badgley Mischka dress, paired with a J.Crew floral necklace and belt, and bright yellow Fendi shoes. We also loved the Nanette Lepore midi dress she wore with pearls. 

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Perez says now that (SPOILER ALERT!) Mindy has returned to work, we probably won’t see too many more aprons, but we will continue to see her professional style amped up. The show’s costume designer said he did try to put an apron on Danny (played by Chris Messina), but it didn’t work out. We may, however, see them pop up on another character. Some of the material they used for the aprons was absolutely lavish: “Like $90 a yard! You should never get them dirty!” Perhaps aprons will become a new trend, thanks to Mindy Lahiri! 

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