Maddie Ziegler Is Launching Her Very First Clothing Line

Maddie Ziegler is well on her way to becoming a serious quadruple-threat. The 13-year-old has already made a name for herself as the incredible young dancer in many of Sia’s music videos, the youngest judge on So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation, a social media star with over 7 million Instagram followers—and now she’s about to debut her new clothing line, Maddie.

Ziegler’s casual-trend sportswear collection for girls and early juniors will feature pieces that resemble items from her own closet, and, according to a press release, will focus on “cozy fabrics, perfect fit and effortless styling.”

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The So You Think You Can Dance judge describes her own style as “easy and comfortable” and “tomboy but still girlish at the same time.” The 30-piece collection in partnership with Kahn Lucas will feature trendy fall styles like bomber jacket with customized enamel pins, flannel shirts, T-shirts, and of course, high-waisted jeans.

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Maddie will go on sale October 3rd, 2016 at, and will hit select Nordstrom stores on October 10th.

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