Let These Iconic Mary Tyler Moore Looks Inspire Your 9-to-5 Style

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Jennifer Ferrise

Jan 25, 2018 @ 3:45 pm

She turned the world on with her smile and proved to women everywhere that yes, you can pull off a beret after 30.

But there’s another major reason I’ve loved Mary Tyler Moore—or rather her alter ego, Mary Richards—since I was a little girl watching TV Land re-runs on repeat: her style is impeccable.

I can’t think of any other TV legend that’s nailed the effortless nonchalance of the ‘70s better than MTM, in her peacoat, bell bottomed, stacked heel glory. As the upbeat producer and full-time wrangler for the fictional Six O’Clock News on her legendary (and very real) Mary Tyler Moore Show, Mary ran the show in chic outfit after chic outfit—all with just the right amount of polish and panache.

To this day, whenever I can’t find something to wear to work, I think, What Would Mary Do? Mary wouldn’t slip on leggings as pants, or ripped jeans for a big meeting. She always showed up and dressed up, rotating 10 or so closet classics that could just as easily be worn today. Believe me, I have—and wear—them all too.

So today, on the one-year anniversary of Mary Tyler Moore’s passing, we’re paying homage to the genius 9-to-5 fashion icon who showed us how far a great girl-boss wardrobe can go. Scroll down to see the best of the late actress’s trademark pieces. 

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