Kendall Jenner Cuddles with Pups for Photo Shoot in N.Y.C.

Kendall Jenner might just be the chicest dog walker of all time. The 20-year-old model was spotted cozying up to some adorable pups for a photo shoot in N.Y.C. on Monday, and naturally, she did so while wearing the coolest jacket the world has ever seen.

Jenner’s oversize leather patchwork jacket includes swatches of zebra, cheetah, and leopard prints, along with bold washes of electric blue and pink, and a smattering of edgy studs. The reality star paired her look with a set of zebra-print Gucci slides ($995;—which might be a little outside the pay-grade for the typical dog walker—and a pair of white-rimmed shades.

The brand behind the shoot is currently unknown, but we do know that they have a collection of incredibly cute dogs at their disposal. Is it just us, or does that brown and white bull terrier look remarkably similar to Marc Jacobs’s Insta-famous pooch, Neville?

California, please. ���� #roadtrip with my OG @kendalljenner (and crew)

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