How to Snag Molly Shannon and Maude Apatow’s Cute Sundance Necklace for Yourself

To celebrate the Sundance premiere of the hilarious and touching new film Other People, co-producer Thea Dunlap gifted each of its leading ladies with an adorably delicate necklace from recently launched L.A. brand Vrai & Oro. Molly Shannon, Maude Apatow and Madisen Beaty each unwrapped their pretty little white and gold-papered presents during an intimate cast dinner at the Acura Studio in Park City on Thursday.

Inside they found a 14k gold charm engraved with their initials on the front, and “OP” on the back (for Other People), commemorating their film experience. “I love it so much,” Maude Apatow (daughter of Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann) told us afterward about the sweet gift. The women rocked their new bling right away, wearing their necklaces on the red carpet of the film’s premiere straight after dinner.


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Snag your own white, yellow or rose gold necklace on Vrai & Oro’s website for just $155. Or give one to your layering-loving BFF to let her know you appreciate her hard work producing your practically Sundance-worthy Snapchats. 

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