Hilary Duff’s New ‘Do Is Literally Pretty in Pink

Looks like Hilary Duff is once again seeing hair trends through rose-tinted glasses. Yesterday, the actress hit up NineZeroOne salon in Los Angeles to revisit her pink phase—albeit a more subtle, pastel take on the hue. Duff was pretty experimental with her hair color last spring, when she worked a bold blue tone, only to go hot pink immediately after. For her current look, colorist Nikki Lee began by lightening her whole head, then Amber Maynard-Bolt blended a handful of Evo colors to create the pink-violet shade, dubbing it “iced sorbet.” To finish, hairstylist Riawna Capri went in and added some texture to her existing cut. We have a feeling her rainbow streak isn’t exactly over just yet, though… Click through our gallery to take a closer look at the star’s new hairstyle, and to see more celebrity hair makeovers of 2016!

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