There’s no denying that being a celebrity comes with its share of perks like VIP treatment and free clothes—but then there’s also the ability to use one’s fame to help others.

Sophia Bush, with the help of fellow actresses Constance Zimmer and Kate Walsh, decided to use her star power and the power of social media to help a young couple make their way to the altar on time.

Gus and Jessie were driving to their wedding from Los Angeles to Seattle when their jeep towing a trailer full of wedding supplies broke down. Stranded near Nevada, the pair decided to use Instagram to ask for help from several car rental companies. Bush saw their plea for assistance, and she took to Instagram to post their story, which Walsh then reposted.

UPDATE: over the course of the last 5 hours so many people have jumped in to to try and help these two. We have a car en route to them now — with a trailer hitch for their #tinyhouse and two pups!! — and tomorrow we will be sure to post the full update. HUMANS ARE AMAZING AND THE WORLD IS GLORIOUS AND GOOD K BYYYYYYE �������� ••• Hey @enterprise_inspires, @alamorentacar, @thriftyrentacar, @hertz, @audi who wants to be a hero and help these about-to-be-newlyweds @ragmopandgoose? ••• #repost @azitaloves I’ve never met Gus or Jesse, but just came by their story and I’m fairly certain this is what the internet was created for. They are two days out from their wedding. The beautiful trailer home they built over the last year was hitched onto their car that almost went off a cliff a day ago when it broke down, they were saved by their emergency break. They are exhausted and now stranded (with their two pets) near Nevada and have to get to Seattle by Friday for their wedding. I’m thinking hero points for the car company or people that can help make this happen. Their Go Fund Me has all the details of what is surely going to be a great story to tell to their kiddos one day. ••• #RagmopandGooseGetHitched @jessieshungry @gusforthewin ❤️��������✨������ ••• link in my bio!

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Zimmer, who also caught wind of the story, later promoted a GoFundMe account for the newlyweds-to-be on her Twitter account.

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Jessie later took to the GoFundMe page to thank everyone for their support (Audi offered them the use of an SUV and more than $3,500 in donations from strangers that the newlyweds plan to spend on the honeymoon of their dreams. Crisis averted!