Help Your Guy Score Ryan Reynolds’s Sexy Hair with These Easy Tips from His Stylist

Ryan Reynolds might be off the market, but you can at least get your own guy to replicate the A-lister’s perfect hair. The dreamy actor starred (and co-starred!) in a hilarious Hyundai commercial that aired during the Super Bowl, and his hairstylist, Kristan Serafino, shared with InStyle what it takes to get the look of Blake Lively’s handsome husband.

First, the pro trimmed the sides of Reynolds’s head using the BaBylissPRO Volare X2 clipper (for stores visit After completing the trim, “I created texture throughout the top by point cutting with shears,” said Serafino.

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For that perfectly tousled texture, a pliable styling product is a must. Serafino recommends emulsifying a pea-size amount of Layrite’s Cement Hair Clay ($19; between your fingertips before styling in this pro-approved way: “Always apply from the back of the head to front to create movement.”

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