Fashion Legend Ralph Lauren to Release Autobiography in 2017

Celebrated America fashion designer Ralph Lauren has accomplished much in his 76 years. The Bronx-born icon is responsible for leading a fashion empire, maintaining his marriage to wife Ricky Anne Loew-Beer for more than half a century, and raising three successful children (Dylan’s Candy Bar founder Dylan Lauren, film producer Andrew Lauren, and Ralph Lauren marketing exec, David Lauren).

What’s next for the sartorial legend? He’s writing an autobiography, of course. Lauren is following in the footsteps of many iconic designers and committing his experiences in the industry to print. The book is set to release in 2017, a perfect tie-in to celebrate the brand’s 50-year-anniversary.

“His style is instantly recognizable to even the most casual observer, a triumph of business savvy and aesthetic sensibility that is unmatched anywhere,” Simon & Schuster CEO Carolyn Reidy said in a statement.

Lauren’s untitled autobiography will certainly hold great appeal for all sorts of consumers—fashion mavens and the business-minded alike—after all, Forbes reports that the company’s namesake is worth a staggering $5.9 billion.

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In 2007, the designer published a coffee-table book, called Ralph Lauren ($39;, which included hundreds of photos. As a family man, entrepreneur, and style influence, everyone can learn something from the great Ralph Lauren.

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