Fans Think Camilla Parker-Bowles’s Chanel Shoes Have Everything to Do with Princess Diana

It’s hardly a secret today that the timeline of the end of Prince Charles’s marriage to Princess Diana and the beginning of his courtship with Camilla Parker-Bowles is uncomfortably foggy. After the Princess of Wales’s untimely passing, speculation around the love triangle has only intensified, all the way through 2018.

Case in point: The whispers over Camilla’s latest outfit, specifically, her Chanel shoes. The Duchess of Cornwall stepped out twice over the weekend in a pair of Chanel two-toned pumps. To the untrained (and frankly, un-obsessed) eye, this was an innocuous sartorial choice that meant little to nothing. (It’s certainly no Melania Trump parka.) But that hasn’t stopped others from analyzing it for deeper meaning—and some feel uneasy about what they see.

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As we’ve reported before, Princess Diana completely rebuked Chanel logos after her divorce. While Diana could be spotted in Chanel from time to time during her marriage, she couldn’t bring herself to wear the high-end brand later on in public.

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The reason? The brand’s logo featuring linked C’s—standing, in her mind, for Charles and Camilla.

“I asked why, and she said, ‘It’s Camilla and Charles,’” Australian designer Jayson Brundson once said of Diana’s hesitancy to wear Chanel. “It was definitely the timing, it being post-divorce. She would have seen linked C’s and they would have just reminded her of Charles and Camilla.”

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Even so, that has not steered other royals away from the iconic linked C’s—Camilla included. In fact, Parker-Bowles liked her linked C shoes so much, she wore them with two separate outfits over the weekend.

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Innocuous fashion choice, or subtle message? While the optics are certainly interesting either way, we’ll leave that for you to decide.

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