Dracula Untold’s Costumes Are Not So Scary! They’re Really Made Of…


Dracula Untold opens today (Oct. 10) and puts a new twist on Bram Stoker’s classic novel. The plot takes the story way back to 1400s Transylvania and focuses on the life of Vlad the Impaler, who serves as the legendary inspiration for Dracula. Starring Noah Huntley as Vlad’s right-hand man, the film is meant to be scary as hell (literally–it’s the realm of the undead), but Huntley tells InStyle a behind-the-scenes secret that makes the gore a bit more bearable. Turns out, those military costumes are just made of plastic.

“I wore the same armor from the start of the film until the end,” Huntley says. You know how plastic smells when you don’t clean it? Imagine coating it in fish oil. “I would get back to my trailer and go, ‘Why does my trailer smell worse than everyone else’s?’ I didn’t learn until weeks later that they were coating this thing in fish oil every day to keep it supple. The reality of that situation was probably the grossest thing.”

But he survived, despite a few close calls while filming. “The most dangerous stunts were the real things we were doing on set,” Huntley says. He spent a month in Belfast training with a sword “made of aircraft-grade aluminum,” but Huntley still wasn’t ready for the intense combat to come during the shoot. “The director wanted to see the glint of the sword in the night—which is kind of sexy—but I was like, ‘This is a real sword, and the guy I’m fighting has a rubber sword. I’m going to take his head off.’”

To see if Huntley’s character survives, watch the trailer below and then check out Dracula Untold–in theaters today!

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