Christina Aguilera’s Pink Hair Is Serving Up Serious Unicorn Realness

Another day, another bold hairstyle from Christina Aguilera. This week, the star was spotted on the set of Life Of the Party in candy pink layers, further solidifying the rose gold hair movement. We’re not sure if it’s the real deal or not, but judging by her track record, we wouldn’t be surprised if a jar of pink Manic Panic played a part. Xtina has been every hue ranging from natural-looking auburn and blonde tones, to the unconventional purple dip-dye—and don’t even get us started on the experimental looks she used to rock week after week on The Voice. That being said, if anyone can pull off pastel unicorn hair, it’s definitely Aguilera. Check out her new look below, and see more celeb hair makeovers in our gallery.

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Christina Aguilera Hair Transformation - EMBED
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