Chrissy Teigen Narrowly Avoids a Wardrobe Malfunction: “Not Today, Satan!”

Chrissy Teigen always has the best response to wardrobe malfunctions, whether they’re a near miss or a full-on nip slip. Back at the Super Bowl, the model and mom to baby Luna was caught on camera accidentally exposing herself. To prove she could not care less about the blunder, Teigen posted a hilarious video of the accident, writing, “Boom goes the dynamite.”

On her way to Tuesday night’s TIME 100 gala, the Cravings author found herself in a similar situation. Teigen was on her way to support husband John Legend at the event when she was caught in a gust of rain and wind on the streets of Manhattan. Considering her gold strapless dress had a slit up to her left hip, the wind blew it into dangerous territory, but luckily, she didn’t show off anything more than her toned legs.

Chrissy Teigen
Robert Kamau/Getty

Teigen posted a hilarious photo of the near blunder on Instagram, with her wavy locks blown across her face and a poor guy struggling to hold an umbrella steady over her head. “Not today, Satan!” she joked.

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 Chrissy Teigen
Nicholas Hunt/Getty

Caption game strong.

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