Anna Faris Reveals How She Dealt with Jealousy of Chris Pratt’s Romance … with Chris Evans

Just months after Anna Faris and Chris Pratt announced that they are divorcing, Faris is breaking her silence about the rumors that Pratt cheated with Passengers co-star Jennifer Lawrence.

“People regularly ask me what it feels like to see the person you love kiss somebody else on-screen. And most of the time, it’s really not a big deal … But I’ve had my moments. Like when Chris worked with some of the most beautiful and charming women in the world,” Faris writes, referring to J.Law, in a candid, new memoir Unqualified, published earlier this week. 

While the gossip was all lies, Faris writes, her jealousy was real. So how did she handle it?

“I have a strategy to deal with jealousy,” Faris says, describing a policy she has followed since the pair’s early days together. “If I feel twinges of it, whether it was toward Chris’s smokin’ hot costars, or actors whose careers are more successful than mine, I try hard to befriend them and compliment and love them. Not in a fake, frenemy way, but for real. Because 95 percent of the time it’s hard to have jealous or catty feelings toward someone you really like.”

VIDEO: Anna Faris Gets Real About Rumors That Ex Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence Had an Affair

Her plan backfired when Pratt took a page out of her book, though. Pratt became jealous when Faris filmed What’s Your Number? with Chris Evans, so he decided to befriend Faris’s hot co-star. Turns out, Faris wanted her then-husband to experience just a little bit of jealousy. “They were so enamored of each other that I still ended up being the jealous one clamoring for attention. Hey, guys! Look at me!

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It’s not fool proof, but Faris’s strategy is one we can definitely get behind. 

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