Amanda Seyfried on Mental Health During Pregnancy and Why She Won’t Reveal Her Daughter’s Name

Amanda Seyfried has not shied away from talking about issues that are often very personal to her. However, when it comes to her newborn baby, she’s keeping details a lot more private.

Seyfried, who gave birth to her daughter with actor Thomas Sadoski in March this year, recently revealed why on Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy podcast.

“I wouldn’t want you to ask me what her name is, because I wouldn’t tell you,” she said. “It’s about us as a family.”

“Our friends do [know the name] and you know what that caused?” Seyfried said. “A lot of embroidery. A lot of embroidered towels.”

Seyfried also talked about what it was like to be pregnant and continue her antidepressant medication. The actress has been incredibly open about her depression, anxiety, and her diagnosis of obsessive compulsive disorder when she was 19, and now she’s getting candid about what it was like to handle these issues while pregnant, including her time in cognitive behavioral therapy.

“I checked in because I was done working and pregnant and really wanted to figure out what I could do to prevent certain behaviors that I don’t want to pass down to my daughter,” she said.

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“I didn’t get off my antidepressant. It’s really for anti-anxiety for me. I’ve been taking Lexapro for years and years and years, and I didn’t get off of it. I was on an extremely low dose. A healthy parent is a healthy kid.”

She hopes that by talking about her mental health, it will make it easier for others who are facing similar challenges.

“People are protecting the stigma by not being open about it and not being honest about it, and the truth is that I function really well. I’m social and I’m not afraid to do many things,” Seyfried said.

Both Seyfried and her daughter are healthy, and the actress said that her daughter’s birth was one of the best things that ever happened to her.

“It was just perfect,” she said. “It was quiet and beautiful, and it was the best moment of my life for sure. And I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

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Does this mean we can expect more Seyfried/Sadoski kids soon? We can only hope so.

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