28 Gossip Girl GIFs for Every Emotion

Back in 2007, Gossip Girl was the newest and shiniest TV show around. The series—based on Cecily von Ziegesar’s bestselling books—was all the rage among the tween-age and teenage crowd. Each week, we tuned in to find out if Manhattan’s chicest and most popular high-schoolers, Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen, were on speaking terms; to discover who they were (or weren’t) hooking up with at the moment; and, of course, to see the amazing fashion they were wearing.

After five glorious seasons, the drama wrapped. And saying goodbye to our favorite fictional frenemies was rough, to say the least. (We’re still waiting for the Gossip Girl reboot.) Luckily, it’s forever immortalized in our hearts—and on Netflix.

Now, 10 years after GG‘s first episode aired, we’re reflecting on our journey with the most unforgettable Upper East Siders ever to grace our screens. Join us, won’t you, and indulge in these Gossip Girl GIFs.

When Gossip Girl first premiered, we couldn’t believe that our favorite YA novels were finally brought to life on TV.

And for 5 years, we tuned in like clockwork to get our latest dose of the teen drama.

It was the perfect way to get rid of a case of the Mondays.

And we were truly in TV heaven.

It gave us relationship goals.

And friendships worth rooting for.

It was all fun and games…

…Until we found out that Gossip Girl was officially coming to an end.

At first, we hoped that it wasn’t true.

We were in complete denial, TBH.

We hoped against all odds that it would magically come back.

We felt abandoned.


And we knew that we would never ship anyone as hard as we did Blair and Chuck.

But slowly, we found ways to cope with the loss.

It was one Monday night at a time.

And eventually, we were able to look back on our years together fondly.

But now that we’re reminiscing about all the drama we endured throughout the show’s run…

…we’re realizing all over again that we’ve been missing it intensely.

It almost seems unreal that it’s been an entire decade since we first tuned in.

We’re wishing we could go to sleep and wake up back in the much simpler time of 2007.

The reminder that we’ll never get another new “Good morning, Upper East Siders” has us feeling dowwwwwn.

And we’re thinking about all of the sub-par programming we’ve watched since the finale.

We’re Netflixing hard to re-live the glory days.

And as unlikely as it seems, we’re still keeping our fingers crossed for some kind—any kind—of reunion.

The bottom line? We’re still not over it.

And we know that nothing else will ever compare.

Because nothing else will ever compare.

XOXO, Gossip Girl

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