A Perfect Circle’s New Album: Band Teases First Record Since 2004



A Perfect Circle

After over 13 years, one of Maynard James Keenan’s bands is coming out with new music. However, it’s not the new Tool album that fans have long awaited. Instead, A Perfect Circle teased a new album called The Doomed on social media Friday. A release date hasn’t yet been revealed, but it’s expected it will be released sometime in 2018. Keenan has posted on social media previously using the hashtag #APC2018 as it nears a fall tour.

The Doomed would be the band’s first studio album since the November 2, 2004 release of Emotive. In past social media posts, Keenan and band mate Billy Howerdel said the process of writing the new album was slow and several factors made it difficult. They previously said a full album was unlikely and were expected to release single songs instead. A Perfect Circle subsequently released a new song, “By and Down,” which it performed at shows on its tours starting in 2012.

Earlier this year, the band announced it signed a new record contract to release a new album through BMG Rights Management, and Howerdel said the album would likely be released sometime in late 2017 or early 2018. At some shows this year, the band has debuted a couple of new tracks. One is called “Feathers” while the other is called “Hourglass.”

A Perfect Circle is about to start its fall tour, with the first date being October 21 in Sacramento, California at Aftershock Festival. The tour wraps up December 4 in Eugene, Oregon. It’s expected that the band would tour extensively in 2018, accompanying the new album’s release.

But the new APC release comes at the chagrin of Tool fans. For years, the band has teased new music coming soon, and they’ve often updated the album writing process. Despite the teasers, though, the legendary rock band hasn’t released new music since the 2006 release of 10,000 Days.