‘Little Women, Atlanta’: Meet the Season 3 Cast


Ashley “Minnie” Ross

According to an interview last year with Madamenoire, Minnie grew up in Atlanta, and is a hair hairstylist (though getting the job wasn’t easy). When she was asked by MadameNoire why she wanted to participate in Little Women: Atlanta, Minnie said, “I wanted to be part of this movement because I want everyone to see our point of view in life. I want people to, you know, see what we go through. The everyday struggle that little people go through in life. When people say the struggle is real? It’s real. We go through hell and back.” Minnie adds on that she’s a go-getter, and is the type of person who will put nerves aside to do what is best for her and to fight for what she believes in. Growing up, Minnie had a difficult life. “People were bullying and teasing and pointing and staring. People stared constantly.” Employers refused to hire her because she was a little person, and thought she “couldn’t do the job”, Minnie says. “They would have a sign saying ‘Hiring’ and when I would go and try to apply for the job they would say, ‘No, we’re not hiring.'” Minnie sites her mom as her rock and best friend, and the reason why she’s able to stay positive. Last season, Minnie had a lot of drama with her ex-boyfriend, Pastor Troy, and hopes to spend time this season chilling with her girlfriends, Amanda and Andrea. (Instagram/Ms.Minnie)

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