Donald Trump supporters crow over suggestions ‘dirty dossier’ was MADE UP by 4chan pranksters


An anonymous conspiracy nut insists he passed the lurid claims to a Trump-hating Republican strategist

CRACKPOT supporters of Donald Trump believe the lurid allegations in the ‘dirty dossier’ were created by an anonymous user on 4chan.

A post on the online messaging board from November 1 is the only ‘proof’ behind the crazy theory.

Some Trump fans believe the lurid claims started on messaging board 4chan and then were passed to the intelligence community

AP:Associated Press

Some Trump fans believe the lurid claims started on messaging board 4chan and then were passed to the intelligence community

An anonymous conspiracy nut claims he passed the false claims to Trump-hating Republican strategist Rick Wilson who then handed it over to a spy contact.

The post reads: “So they took what I told Rick Wilson and added a Russian spy angle to it.

“They still believe it. Guys, they’re truly f*****g desperate – there’s no remaining Trump scandal that’s credible.”

The full dossier was eventually leaked by Buzzfeed after being shopped to numerous other news outlets who declined to publish because the claims could not be substantiated.

But Wilson has slammed the bogus claims that he handed the discredited document to the intelligence services.

After refuting the theory on Twitter, the GOP adviser denied he was Buzzfeed’s source.

He said: “Why? Because the first time I saw the memo was when BuzzFeed published it.

“I’ve never had possession of that memo, never shared it, never pitched it, and never requested or caused others to do so.

“Allegations from the memo were making the rounds in the IC (intelligence community), political, and media worlds, to be sure, but its origins are elsewhere.”

The bonkers theory most likely originated from an interview Wilson gave back in October – when he said Trump’s opponents were trawling through his colourful past for salacious stories.

Since the story has developed, the 4chan theory has now been completely discredited.

The dirty dossier was written by former MI6 spy Christopher Steele whose political research firm was hired by both Democratic and Republican opponents of Trump.

Steele then allegedly passed the document to someone within the US intelligence community.

John McCain has also admitted being handed the dossier by a UK diplomat before passing it to FBI director James Comey.

The CIA reviewed the document and decided to brief both President-elect Donald Trump and President Obama on its contents because they considered Steele a credible source.

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